Flow to go OTT


Telecom Argentina COO, Gonzalo Hita, participated in a special presentation during the first day of NexTV Series Argentina, the leading conference on TV and OTT business. At the event, the executive said that they are ready to market the Flow multi-screen platform directly in OTT format and mentioned that soon they will launch the app for the main brands of Smart TVs.
“We are going to a system where Flow will be inside the home wirelessly on all devices,” said the executive at the event. Asked by NexTV Latam about offering the service over any Internet access provider, Hita said that “the technology is ready to do it. It’s a commercial decision to wait for the bandwidth to grow in Argentina and choose the moment. ” “It’s going to happen, we have not yet defined when, but at some point it’s going to happen,” he added.
“The problem is that when we do not have the connectivity of the home it is much more complicated to ensure the quality of Flow so that is a more complicated point,” explained the executive.
During the event, Hita reiterated the company’s intention to “make people’s lives easier” and integrate other OTTs into Flow. “We would love to” add Netflix, the executive told NexTV News Latam. “We want some issues to happend,” he said. “We always think everything to make life easier for people. I would like Netflix to be in the platform so that people do not have to be entering so many sites to watch Netflix with Flow, and I would like the metadata to be integrated, so that the search engine will tell users if (a content) is on Netflix or Flow. It has been a bit difficult for us that Netflix understands that our interest to add it is to make life easier for people, if we achieve that we will add it, if what Netflix asks is something that we understand that makes life more complex for people then we are not going to do it.