Fibertel doubles Internet speeds

Fibertel – Cablevision’s brand for Internet services in Argentina– announced that is doubling the speeds to its customers at no additional cost, on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary.

To obtain this benefit, customers must enter with user and password and request the increase of speed. The company said that it worked “strongly in its network and in strengthening the infrastructure in general”. For this reason, it invested in the last year more than USD 130 million, while in the last ten years the investment was more than USD 3,000 million.

“Today all households have multiple devices connected at home, performing simultaneous actions with high demand for connection. The consumption of online content, for example, has increased significantly in the last time, as well as live streaming and video conferencing, among many activities that are now completely massive. For all this, the speed of connection in the home becomes an increasingly relevant issue,” Fibertel said in a statement.

Currently, the company has more than 2.2 million customers and offers broadband services of 12, 25, 50 mbps and the new speed, 100 mbps.