FEF opens new soccer rights tender

The Ecuadorian Soccer Federation (FEF) opened “under protest” a new soccer rights tender for the period 2018-2028. According to the justice, the entity has 15 days to carry out the process.
The announcement of the opening of the tender was made by the president of FEF, Carlos Villacís, in a conference, with no questions, as reported by El Telégrafo. Days ago, the Provincial Court of Justice of Guayas denied the appeal filed by the association against the suspension of the contract signed with GolTV and ordered to open a new tender process.
Villacís said that the clubs of series A and B asked to participate in the development of the rules. Last February, FEF had published on its website the rules of the tender that was finally declared void. Due to the legal ruling, the contract with GolTV has no effect.
Meanwhile, it is expected that with the new tender the problems with the TV transmissions will be solved. Last weekend, several games were not available on TV nor internet.