Esporte Interativo launches eSports tournament

Brazilian sports channel Esporte Interativo (Turner) will launch the EI Games Cup on June 5. The competition will have 15 episodes with the participation of Youtubers and the best professional players of FIFA 17 in Brazil. It will be available on TV, YouTube, Facebook, and the OTT platform Esporte Interativo Plus.

The competition will begin with the stage called Gold, with the participation of eight competitors, among them famous Youtubers. The winner will join 14 professionals who will be ready to compete in the Elite stage. The winner of the EI Games Cup FIFA 17 will receive R$ 10,000 (USD 3,100).

The Gold stage will be held from June 5 to 9. The Elite stage will begin on May 12, while the final is scheduled for June 30 and will be broadcast live.

Turner is betting heavily on eSports. The company is one of the creators of the Eleague, in association with WME and IMG, where some of the most important eSports teams in the world compete in the popular game “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”.