ESPN highlights its role in live sports

With a strong emphasis on the importance of live broadcasts, ESPN made its annual Upfront Breakfast  in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to announce its new 2017 programming.

The event had the participation of approximately 780 attendees, among them advertisers, affiliates, advertising agencies, and journalists.

Guillermo Tabanera, Senior VP and general manager of ESPN Latin America, opened the Upfront event underlining the importance of live sport, a content “that everyone wants to have because it generates an audience and attracts all socio-economic and age groups”. ESPN synthesizes this concept in the slogan “El poder del vivo” (The power of live TV).

Tabanera also referred to the bid for the soccer broadcasts rights in Argentina, which has Fox and Turner among the companies interested. In this sense, the executive said, in an ironic tone, that they expect the Government to open “the bidding process” to know the requirements to participate. Recently, Fox and Turner presented a joint bid directly to government officials and members of Football for All program, in a private meeting held in a hotel in Buenos Aires.

ESPN currently has its four channels in HD, the TV Everywhere platform ESPN Play (which offers 20,000 hours of live sports), a new app and an active participation in social networks. In 2017, the channel will continue to broadcast the main tournaments of all disciplines. As usual, soccer will have a prominent place with tournaments such as the Champions League, Europa League and the local leagues of Spain, Italy, Germany and England, among others.