ESPN expands its e-Sports strategy in South America with League of Legends

The sports network ESPN (Disney) broadcasted for South America the finals of the Latin America South Cup of the e-sport League of Legends last Saturday, August 19th. It was played at the Argentinean DirecTV Arena. This was the first time that a TV channel broadcasted live an event of that video game in the region. Until now, the only options available to watch these matches were the official YouTube, Facebook and Twitch channels.

By doing this, ESPN continues to add e-Sports contents to its programming. It is important to note that the TV channel had already broadcasted a FIFA 17 tournament in February 2017 for the Southern Cone, as well as for Brazil and Mexico.

In Brazil, the network offers since 2015 programs dedicated exclusively to e-sports, with coverage of the main videogames: Counter Strike, Clash Royale, Rainbow Six Siege and Street Fighter.

The Argentine subsidiary of the Spanish audiovisual group Mediapro was responsible for the production of the event. The producer said on a statement that they have embarked on an ambitious international content expansion plan for E-sports.