ESPN and Cinelive to broadcast the Premier League to Brazilians

ESPN has made an agreement with Cinelive (the technological solution for digital movie theaters owned by production company Casablanca) in order to broadcast one game of each match date fo the British Premier League in movie theaters. This project was debuted last November 5th, whith the match between Manchester City and Middlesbrough.

The idea of broadcasting sport events in movie theaters is a very profitable strategy in Brazil, since after the first attempt with the 2011 Champions League final (biggest European tournament pairing teams from different countries). The experience was repeated in several opportunities. As well as the last Champions League finals, Cinelive has also showed the NFL (US American Football League) final, as well as several soccer matches for the Spanish league between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Throughout all these efforts, Casablanca has always partnered with ESPN, and has lately began to include Esporte Interativo (Turner), as it holds the rights for the Champions League since the 2015/2016 season.

The main difference this time is that Cinelive has agreed to show one game for each match date during the whole 2016/2017 season. Previous showings were for special events or decisive matches.

Cinelive will hold showings every Saturday noon, and the tickets will cost U$D 9.40. Last Saturday the game was shown in 16 theaters, in 14 cities.