Entel expands fiber network in Bolivia

Bolivian National Telecommunications Company (Entel) has extended the coverage of its FTTH network to more cities. Recently, Entel announced the launch of the service in Chuquisaca, Potosí and Cochabamba states.

Entel’s fiber optic network is already available in Monteagudo (Chuquisaca), Tupiza, Uyuni and Villazón (in Potosí) and in Villa Tunari, Shinahota, Chimore, Ivirgarzama and Entre Ríos (Cochabamba). This way, the population can subscribe to Entel’s convergent packages, which include IPTV, Internet, VoIP and mobile telephony. The most basic package (IPTV + Intenet + mobile telephony) costs at Bs. 239 (USD 33.6).

Broadband service offers speeds of 2 to 20 mbps in residential plans, and 2 mbps to 50 mbps in corporate plans. Entel plans to reach 90,000 homes connected to fiber this year, according to the Entel’s CEO, Óscar Coca.