Entel Bolivia to offer triple play via FTTH

Bolivian telecommunications company Entel has announced that it will begin offering triple play via its FTTH network starting in March.

The announcement was made by Entel’s General Manager, Oscar Coca. According to local media, the executive said that the company will increase the broadband speed from 12 mbps to 50 mbps.

Entel has been rolling out its FTTH network for the past three years. Coca anticipated that by the end of the year the company expects to reach 250,000 homes covered with fiber.

According to official data, the company’s investments increased from USD 16 million in 2008 to USD 106 million in 2013 and USD 336 million in 2015, the highest figure recorded in the last nine years. In 2016 the company achieved a total investment of USD 312 million.