Ecuador: Soccer league begins battle against illegal streams

The deal signed between the Ecuadorian Soccer Federation (FEF) and GolTV includes Internet rights. However, these transmissions have not been regulated due to the legal conflict with the Uruguayan company.
According to El Comercio, different Facebook accounts are streaming the matches live. The Association of Small and Medium Cable Operators (Asocope in Spanish), which broadcasted six matches in the first date of the tournament, said that they only aired the games through GolTV and not through social networks.
“It is pure piracy,” said the president of Asocope, Santiago Barrionuevo. “If someone, from any personal or institutional account, streams soccer is illegal,” the executive added. This is why the association began to monitor more the social networks during the second date of the tournament (which was played last weekend). In addition, GolTV offered to Asocope to initiate legal actions to block the accounts.
The lawyer of FEF, Jorge Chang, affirmed that the contract with GolTV is valid and therefore the Uruguayan company can denounce the accounts streaming the games without authorization.