Ecuador reached 1.34 million pay TV subscribers in Q2

According to data provided by Ecuador’s Agency for Regulation & Control of Telecommunications (Arcotel), the pay TV market ended the second quarter of 2017 with 1.34 million subscribers, which represents an increase of more than 16,000 subscribers compared to Q117.

DirecTV led the market with 35.1% market share, followed by CNT TV (28.3%), TV Cable (14.6% including cable and DTH), Claro TV (2.4%), Univisa 2.2%) and Etapa (0.2%). Other providers had the remaining 17.2%.

According to the regulator, the provinces of Guayas, Pichincha and Manabí registered the highest number of subscribers with 319,000, 295,000 and 133,000 respectively.

Arcotel said that, considering that there are an average of 3.8 members per household, the number of estimated users of pay TV services was 5.1 million people in the country.