Online channel Due was launched in Argentina


The online TV channel Due was launched in Argentina on June 21. In a first stage, it offers four entertainment and factual programs exclusively via internet, informed the local newspaper Día a día.


The political interview show “On the record” is the first to be available on the platform. The channel will also premiere “Corte de manga” -a TV show dedicated to independent music in the City of Córdoba (where the network is located)- the tennis TV program “Tie Break” and the stand-up comedy special “Camilo and Nardo”.


The content –available in HD- will be no longer than 20 minutes. It is targeted at young people through mobile devices. The programming offer is expected to increase to ten shows by the end of 2016.


“In Buenos Aires there are two or three channels operating, and very well. Moreover, in the United States they are betting a lot for such initiatives. Many well-known personalities have their own channels and produce different types of content for the web. It is something that allows you to avoid the TV air time costs. This has zero cost, beyond production costs. It is an economical and very viable alternative”, said Ignacio Virga, one of the creators.