DTT coverage in Cuba reaches 60% of the country

Digital terrestrial TV in Cuba reaches 60% of the national territory. Until September of this year, 1.5 million decoders and more than 230,000 hybrid HD TV sets were sold, according to data provided in the 5th edition of Digital Television Forum, held last week.

Hugo Andrés Fernández, engineer of the Business Group of Information Technology and Communications, said that there are currently 108 transmitters installed in the country. The deployment of DTT started in 2013. This way, digital TV is currently available for 70% of the population.

Currently, Cuba is in the first phase of its DTT development strategy. However, Fernandez mentioned that there are still several obstacles. In this regard, he indicated that there are many television centers with physical difficulties for the introduction of equipment. The executive also mentioned the lack of reception devices and the need to add channels in HD, according to local daily Granma.