Digicel launches triple play in Bermuda

Telecommunications company Digicel has launched triple play through its FTTH network in Bermuda. The offer includes speeds of up to 200 mbps, three TV plans and fibre phone options.
TV plans include between 55 and 129 channels. The package with 104 channels and a 25Mbps connection is priced at USD 185. The platform offers new features including pause and rewind live TV, seven day catch up and multi-screen.
“We’ve brought a world-class fibre service to Bermuda that will finally deliver the much-awaited true fibre experience customers have been waiting for,” said Paul Stafford, CEO of Digicel Bermuda & BTC.
“Think of it as a brand new internet highway with no congestion allowing for fast download and upload speeds with zero buffering; so you can live stream your favourite movie in one room, while online gaming and video calling take place in other parts of the house. Only true fibre gives you super-fast speeds that won’t suffer no matter how many devices you use,” the executive added, according to Bernews.