Deportv of Argentina to launch new programming in March

The public channel DeporTV, also stylized as DXTV, from Argentina announced it will launch a new programming grid for its contents to be presented in March 2016, as informed through an official statement.

DeporTV was born as a channel exclusively for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) in 2013 and in 2015 it began being distributed on Pay-TV (it’s free of charge for operators). It is currently available in the programming grids of DirecTV, Cablevision (digital), Telecentro (digital), Supercanal, Telered, Gigared and other 200 Pay-TV companies in Argentina.

The signal has in its programming transmission of matches from the main local soccer competitions (First and Second Division and the Argentina Cup), basketball, volleyball, handball and hockey, NBA games and international tournament games (it broadcasted the Brazil 2014 soccer World Cup and transmits the FIFA’s Russia 2018 playoffs).