Copaco to invest in new FTTH for IPTV

Sante Vallese, Paraguayan Communications Company’s (Copaco) President, , announced an investment plan in FTTH for IPTV, with internet services of 20 to 60 megawatts to households.  

‘This service is already available in Villa Morra and Ciudad Nueva; and now we have signed an agreement to extend it to 10 more Asuncion’s neighborhoods. Later, we want to continue extending it to the Capital surrounding cities”, he pointed.

Vallese described IPTV as “the interactive TV that we have, and that also offers national football”, and pointed that “Copaco, as a Paraguayan company, is betting on modernizing telecommunications services in the country  and, for that, it has initiated a series of investments that will provide customers with innovative services and according to current needs’.