Comcast to launch two new Hispanic American-owned independent networks in 2017

Comcast Corporation announced that it will add to its lineup the Hispanic American-owned independent networks Primo TV and Kids Central, starting in January of 2017. Both channels will provide quality family programming targeted to bicultural Hispanic youth, the company said in a press release.

Kids Central – owned and operated by Condista Networks – is an English-language network targeted at bicultural Hispanic viewers ages 3-7. In primetime, the network expands its audience with a block of family-oriented programming targeted to the whole family.  Kids Central will provide both English and Spanish language video on demand content.

Primo TV is owed by V-Me Media, Inc. It is an English-language network that will appeal to bicultural Hispanic viewers ages 6-16. The programming includes animated series, adventure programming and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). The network will also provide several video on demand content options.

The launch of both networks is part of Comcast’s commitments made in 2011 in connection with the NBCUniversal transaction. Comcast agreed to launch 10 new independently owned and operated networks by 2019, eight of which will be minority-owned.