Comcast began its expansion into IPTV in response to the FCC’s ruling to “unleash” STBs


US media holding Comcast, the world’s largest television company, announced that it will launch its first online TV offer through Roku platform and devices and Samsung Smart TVs in the United States. It owns Pay-TV channel programmer NBCUniversal, with great presence in Latin America.


The decision came in response to the ruling in the end of February of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), with support from the White House, in favor of “unleashing” the monopoly and leasing of set-top boxes (STB) by Pay-TV operators in that country.


This would create a software-based replacement that will allow other smaller companies to build decoders or mobile apps that could offer Pay-TV channels without the need for an integrated Cable Card.


Anticipating the implementation of this measure, Comcast will make available its entire range of Pay-TV channels through IPTV without the need to use its STBs. The company owns Xfinity, the main Cable TV and internet operator in the US. In Pay-TV it ranks second behind DirecTV’s (AT&T) DTH.