Comarex will distibute Cisneros catalogue

Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD), global entertainment content distributor, has announced an agreement of international representation with Comarex, leading distribution company with over 30 years of experience in the industry of digital content and channels.

In an official communication both companies informed that Comarex will be in charge of commercializing the programming catalogue of Cisneros Media Group, which includes over 30 thousand hours, in every country in the world except Spain and the US.

With this agreement CMD will be able to focus on its creative content unit, Mobius.Lab Productions; it’s pay TV properties, Venevision Plus and VePlusTV; dubbing studios associated with The Kitchen; and management services for its networks.

Cisneros Media Distribution will continue under the leadership of its Executive VP Marcello Coltro, who will also take care of commercializing CMD products in the US. In Spain at the moment will remain as a representative of Distribuciones Audiovisuales Visión Europa.