Claro launches IPTV in Paraguay

Claro has recently launched its IPTV service, called Claro TV +, in Asuncion, capital of Paraguay. The new offer includes 116 channels, 48 of them in HD, and it is bundled with broadband up to 100 Mbps. The company plans to reach 3,000 customers of the new service by the end of the year, Rony Matto, manager of Claro TV +, told NexTV News Latam.

The price of Claro TV + package depends on the Internet speed, which can be 6, 10, 50 and 100 Mbps. As part of the launch, the company is offering a promotion with IPTV + 6 Mbps at Gs. 109,500 (USD 19.2) for six months.

The IPTV platform was provided by Ericsson. Claro TV + uses the fiber optic network that the company has been operating since May of last year and covers “about half of the city of Asunción,” according to Matto. Over this FTTH network, Claro already has more than 1,500 broadband customers.

The new interactive service offers features like advanced search to find favorite movies, series, or content; Interactive guide; Parental control and the picture in picture, among others.

Customers who have Claro TV + plans and subscribe to a voice line will also get free access to Claro Video, the company’s OTT service.


Claro entered Paraguay’s pay TV market in 2011, when it launched its DTH platform, which already has more than 150,000 subscribers. Matto said that the areas where the two services coexist, the idea is to migrate DTH customers to IPTV.