Claro to expand FTTH network in Puerto Rico

Claro (America Movil) from Puerto Rico announced an investment plan in infrastructure that includes the modernization of its mobile network, the use of carrier aggregation technology and the expansion of its FTTH network.


According to the President and CEO of the company, Enrique Ortíz de Montellano, the operator is “bringing fiber optics to the consumer with 280,000 homes passed with FTTH and FTTC, which allows speeds of up to 1Gbps”. In Puerto Rico, Claro it offers pay TV services via DTH (in association with Dish) and IPTV through its fiber network.


In turn, through the newly acquired AWS3 frequency, the company expects to reach speeds of 100 Mbps on its mobile network. The network will combine the use of new spectrum and “carrier aggregation” technology.


The modernization project of the mobile network includes an investment of USD370 million and will be completed during 2017.