Cinelatino to premiere its first original series

Cinelatino, the Spanish-language movie channel, will premiere, on Friday, July 28, its first original series, “El Desconocido: La Historia del Cholo Adrián” (“The Unknown Hitman: The Story of El Cholo Adrián”).

Inspired by true events, “El Desconocido” is the fictional story of “El Cholo” Adrián, right-hand man to the infamous drug lord, “El Chato” Guzman, who heads Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel. The five-part series follows El Cholo’s rise to power within the cartel, his blossoming friendship with El Chato, his tragic love story, and his ultimate capture alongside El Chato.

Carolina Bilbao, Executive Producer of the series said in a statement that this new production “goes beyond basic storytelling and examines the human side of the war—the story delves into the characters and their personal experiences, choices, dilemmas and conflicts, as well as what it means to be born into a narco family and have no other realistic alternatives”.

Cinelatino – a subsidiary of Hemisphere Media Group – reaches over 20 million subscribers across the U.S., Latin America and Canada, featuring a selection of contemporary Spanish-language blockbusters and critically-acclaimed titles from Mexico, Latin America, Spain and the Caribbean.