Cine.Ar Estrenos innovates with its T-VOD model

In a ‘One to One’ session held during the recent edition of NexTV Series South America 2017, Karina Castellano, Executive Director of Cine.Ar Play, the free access OTT service (formerly known as Odeon), talked about the new transactional platform -called Cine.Ar Estrenos- which offers “a unique model” in the region.

Cine.Ar Play is the VOD platform of the National Institute of Film and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) developed together with the telecommunications company Arsat. The T-VOD service was launched at the end of 2016 and operates alongside with the free content library. For several months it was on trial and since April 1 became commercially available for users.

“The base from which we started was: how we can help the producer so that the movie can have a longer life within the premiere in theatres”, said Castellano.

In Cine.Ar Estrenos platform films are available at the same time as theatres, which assures them at least eight weeks of permanence.

The executive explained that in addition to the revenue share model, the movies “receive a subsidy as if they were being shown in a traditional movie theater”. Currently, “there is no other public institution generating this type of model”, she said. For this reason, they have already received consultations from countries such as Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Spain, which showed interest in this initiative.

The rental of each movie costs AR$ 30 (USD 1.9), that is, the same value as the ticket in movie theatres of Cine.Ar Sala network. “There are many people who do not have access to movie theaters, and others who do, but they want to see other types of content,” said Castellano, who participated in the session jointly with Gustavo Monaco, Cine.Ar Play consultant.

In this sense, both executives revealed that the documentary “Ataque de Pánico” led the top-five most watched movies of the platform in May, above the box office “Me Casé con un Boludo”. The list is completed with “Maracaibo”, “Taekwondo” and “Cuatreros”.