Chivas to reduce prices of its OTT platform

After signing an agreement with Televisa recently, Grupo Omnilife CEO José Luis Higuera said in an interview with El Universal that the OTT service Chivas TV “is stronger than ever” and that the prices of the platform “will reduce even more the next season”.

According to the executive, “there will be very affordable prices, both for the monthly subscription and for the pay-per-view model”. In turn, Higuera said that after the new agreement with Televisa the team benefited “financially and in terms of distribution” because the matches are now available even in South America, thanks to Televisa’s international presence.

In May last year, the Mexican club, one of the most popular in the country disrupted the professional soccer matches televising model by letting go of a 22-year partnership with Televisa to launch Chivas TV.

Now, after 11 months, Chivas closed a new agreement with the media giant and according to Higuera the new contract is “more balanced” and “the club is taken more into account”.