Chilean VTR and Telsur will have to replace over 900,000 uncertified STBs for free

Chilean Pay TV companies VTR and Telefónica del Sur (Telsur) will have to replace for free over 900,000 set top boxes that were commercialized without the proper certifications. This resolution was informed by the National Consumer Services (Sernac) after a mediation with both companies.

VTR will have to exchange over 700,000 STBs, while Telsur will do so with over 200,000 units. The replacement won’t be automatic though, clients will have to request the exchange at the company’s commercial offices.

As part of the agreement both companies will offer a commercial benefit to affected users. VTR will provide free access to their PPV service and Telsur will offer free of charge CDO Premium (Olympic sports channel) for a month.