Chile opens tender for 166 DTT licenses

The Chilean National Television Council (CNTV in Spanish) has officially launched the tender for 116 DTT licenses across the country.

CNTV enacted the Digital TV law in May 2014 with the technical standards to start the transition to DTT under the ISDB-T standard. The analog switch off is scheduled for April 2020.

The CNTV has already made available to the applicants the corresponding forms on its website. The licenses are for national, regional, local frequencies, and for local community channels.

Out of the total frequencies available, 40% are reserved for regional, local and community channels, of which two national frequencies should be considered for cultural or educational channels only.

According to La Tercera daily, Chile currently has 849 television concessions, which are already in the process of migrating from analog to digital TV, and 13 municipal concessions.