Chile moves forward with DTT transition

Chile’s Undersecretariat of Telecommunications (Subtel) has opened the public tender to award Ch$ 5.7 billion (USD 9.7 million) for the subsidy of DTT systems for regional or community channels.
With this initiative, the government seeks to move forward with DTT transition by providing funds for the purchase of equipment such as set-top boxes, transmitters, antennas, among others. After a period of consultations, the offers will be received until May 23 and the results of the evaluation of the proposals will be announced on August 21.
“It is very important to strengthen the development of local content in each region of the country in order to promote the identity of each area and its themes and information. President Michelle Bachelet gave us the order to connect, territorially and digitally, all the country’s inhabitants and within that process it is relevant that television reaches each person and allows them to know the reality and issues that concern them,” said Paola Tapia, Chile’s Minister of Transportation and Communications.