Chile launches free access OTT with local content

Chilean National Council of Culture and the Arts (CNCA) launched OndaMedia, a free access OTT platform with a catalog focused on national audiovisual content.


The service features 40 films, 41 documentaries, 20 short films and 394 cultural content clips. The platform restricts the access to eight movies per month. CNCA will pay copyright every time the user watches the movie.

“This is a very relevant project for the National Council, as OndaMedia will strengthen the access to arts and culture by citizens, ,” said the Minister of Culture of Chile, Ernesto Ottone, according to La Tercera.


The platform is available via its website and is still pending the launch of mobile and Smart TV apps, said Ian Goldschmied, director of OndaMedia.

Among the fiction productions available in the catalog are films by Pablo Larraín (El club, Tony Manero, Post Mórtem); Sebastián Lelio (Gloria, El año del tigre); Matías Bize (La memoria del agua, La vida de los peces) and Marialy Rivas (Joven y alocada).


Goldshmied stated that the “plan is to triple the catalog by the end of the year and also include movies by filmmakers such as Andrés Wood, Silvio Caiozzi and Raúl Ruiz.”


In addition to the film offer, OndaMedia has two other segments: “En Vivo”, which invites the public and artists to upload concerts, and “Subjetivas”, which allows the rescue of urban and rural stories created by users.

The National Council of Culture and Arts is the State body responsible for implementing public policies for cultural development.