Chile court convicts owner of illegal TV operation

The Oral Criminal Court of Coyhaique unanimously convicted the owner and legal representative of the company Deygon for illegally distributing DirecTV satellite signals in the Aysén Region, in southern Chile.
Police investigations together with the Public Ministry established that the local operator Deygon used DirecTV set-top boxes and illegally retransmitted 67 channels through coaxial cable to its customers, in the municipalities of Junta and Puerto Cisnes.
According to the El Mostrador website, the defendant must serve a two-year term of imprisonment in intermediate degree, for illegally distributing satellite signals used by DirecTV in that region, between 2010 and 2016. This is the first sentence of an Oral Criminal Court for crimes established in the Telecommunications Law against a local pay TV operator.
“Illegal signal retransmission is a form of piracy. It is to appropriate the content of the signals and, through a technical procedure, to intercept them without paying the corresponding rights to content programmers, thus affecting the value chain in which the entertainment industry and users are sustained by delivering them a poor service,” said Omar Zerán, lawyer for DirecTV.