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Sao Paulo is preparing to complete the analogue switch off on March 29. In the Metropolitan Region, 1.8 million free DTT kits will be distributed among low-income families benefiting from social plans of the Brazilian government. According to teletime, Seja Digital (EAD, entity in charge of the process) expects that at least one million receivers will […]

Peru’s Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) issued a regulation that establishes the measures to be adopted to inform the population about DTT-enabled TV sets. Ministerial Resolution 048-2017-MTC/01.03 comes into force in 90 days and establishes that television vendors are obliged to inform – with a label – about those equipment that are not compatible […]

The president of El Salvador, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, announced that the country will adopt the Japanese-Brazilian standard ISDB-T to start the DTT transition. “We are pleased to announce to the Salvadoran people the adoption of the ISDB-Tb standard, a set of rules created by Japan and adapted by Brazil for the transmission of Digital Television”, […]

According to data provided by Gired – the entity in charge of the DTT transition in Brazil – about 338,000 DTT kits were delivered in Brasilia, out of a total of 377,000 people authorized to receive the equipment in that area, that is, 90 % of total base, Teletime reported. In the country’s capital, the analogue […]

Argentina’s National Communications Agency (Enacom) reorganized the distribution of the DTT channels of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires, allowing the entrance of new players. Through resolution 10090, signed by the head of Enacom, Miguel De Godoy, the agency included new actors such as Editorial Perfil (which will use channels 27.2 and 27.3), the news channel […]

The Technical Secretary of the Presidency, Roberto Lorenzana, said in an interview that the Government of El Salvador is preparing to begin the transition to digital terrestrial television (DTT). According to the official, in January the president of the country, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, will announce the beginning of the process that, he said, “will be […]

Ecuador’s Ministry of Telecommunications reported that the analogue switch-off, initially scheduled for December 31, 2016, has tentatively been set on June 30, 2017. In the country, “the analog coverage is 93%, and our goal is to achieve a similar percentage of digital coverage”, said the statement from the ministry, which is why the transition was […]

The National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) said to Dinero & Negocios that Honduras has 19 DTT channels operating in the country, out of a total of 338 free-to-air channels. The first stage of the analog switch off (ASO) will end in December this year, while in January 2017 will begin the second and final stage, which […]

The Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) of Mexico will open on November 28 a tender for 148 DTT licenses. IFT expects the process to be completed by December 2017. The 148 channels to be tendered are for the provision of public digital TV service in 124 different coverage areas throughout the country. In 24 of the […]

Brazilian regulator Anatel announced that the final deadline for the analog switch off (ASO) in Brasilia and the Metropolitan area has been postponed from October 26 to November 17. Thus, the transition will take place in stages.   The ASO will affect a total of 25 broadcast channels, 13 generators and 12 rebroadcasting, which may […]