Caracol, TigoUne, 10Music announce music partnership for live concerts

Caracol Televisión, TigoUne and 10Music announced that they will join forces to produce music and entertainment events. Starting in the second half of the year, the new partnership – called Project M – will offer a new experience that will combine the digital world with live shows.

According to TigoUne’s president, Marcelo Cataldo, the users of the new service will be able to buy the ticket and attend the event, as well as obtain information from the artist, communicate with him or her in a virtual way and have different spaces in the digital world.

“We want to facilitate the access so that people can complement their experience, not only listening on mobile phones but also seeing the bands live,” said Cataldo.

In a joint press release, companies said this model will have a significant reach as TigoUne has the leading music mobile platform ‘Tigo Music’. In addition, Caracol Television is the most-watched free-to-air channel in Colombia, while 10Music is a renowned company in the production of large-scale entertainment events with more than 15 years in the market.

According to Felipe Jaramillo, Executive Director of 10Music, this initiative brings together the media platform of Caracol Televisión, the mobile platform of TigoUne and the experience of the production company to create new products and new events nationwide.

The portfolio of events will include festivals such as “Detonante”, which with an “impeccable staging and the combination of a hybrid programming, will provide a differentiating and innovative project”.