Caracol Internacional signs deal with Tubi TV

Caracol Internacional announced that it has signed an agreement with Tubi for the distribution of its content on TubiTV, the ad-supported streaming platform.

The first productions that will be part of this agreement include “Laura, una Vida Extraordinaria” (Laura, An Extraordinary Life), “Los Hombres También Lloran” (Men Cry Too) and “El Cartel” (The Cartel).

“Laura, An Extraordinary Life” features 25 one-hour episodes and tells the story of Laura Montoya, a woman of strong convictions who defied the rules of society to dedicate herself to helping the less fortunate.

“Men Cry Too” (41x1h) tells the story of Javier, a man who believed he had everything he needed in life: he was a well-known doctor, he was married to a beautiful woman and he was just days away from receiving the most desired promotion at work. However, when the promotion is given to another doctor, Javier’s world collapses and his wife decides to start a new life in Miami.

“The Cartel” is a 57 episode series that revolves around Martin, a young man who ends up becoming a drug trafficker. His only way out of the illegal business is to reveal to the American authorities all the information he has obtained through his criminal activity.