Caracol Internacional launches HD channel

Caracol Internacional is now available in HD version for viewers in Latin America and Spain, reaching more than 10 million homes.

Currently, Caracol Internacional reaches more than 23 countries, with a programming that includes more than 65 hours a week with the most outstanding TV shows of Colombia’s Caracol Televisión.

“This is a very important step for Caracol Internacional because it demonstrates our commitment to our millions of subscribers in Latin America and Spain, but also with TV operators, who will increase the value of their offer by including a channel with the highest quality content and technology, and with advertisers, who will be able to be more efficient thanks to the two feeds we start to operate”, said Alejandro Bernal, manager of Caracol’s New Channels television.

Caracol’s programming includes entertainment formats such as “Día a Día” and “Desafío Súper Humanos Cap Cana”; the telenovela “La suegra”, the comedy show “Sábados felices” and four daily editions of Noticias Caracol, among others.