Cablevision’s net sales up 51.9% in 2016

Argentina’s Grupo Clarín presented its financial statement for the fourth quarter of 2016 in which it reported annual net sales of its telecommunications company Cablevision for AR$ 30.6 billion (USD 1.96 billion), up 51.9% from previous year.

According to the company, the increase is mostly attributable to an increase in subscription charges (Cable TV and Internet) registered during the last twelve months and also reflects the growth in Cable (on average), Broadband and Digital.

Cablevisión’s annual net sales accounted for 74.2% of the group’s total net sales. In Q416, net sales of Cablevision reached AR$ 8.3 billion (USD 536 million).

At the end of December, total consolidated cable TV basic subscribers reached 3.38 million in Argentina. In Uruguay, the operator reported 142,200 subscribers. Internet subscribers reached 2.18 million, up 7,7% compared to 2015.