Cablevisión to launch Flow app in Uruguay


Argentine pay TV operator Cablevisión will launch the Flow app in Uruguay on September 13, the company confirmed to NexTV News Latam. The price of the service will be the same as in Argentina (around USD 6).

Flow is the operator’s linear multiplatform service with catch up that is a pioneer in the region. In Argentina, it launched in November last year and and it started quickly to increased its customer base.

During the conference NexTV Series South America held last June in Buenos Aires, Cablevisión’s COO Gonzalo Hita said that about 300,000 clients use the app on mobile devices and about 100,000 through set-top boxes. This option, via hybrid boxes, will not be available now in Uruguay. In Argentina, Flow is available free for HD clients and for an additional fee of AR$ 100 (USD 5.7) for the rest of the TV subscribers using the app.

The operation of Uruguay is the only one that the company has outside Argentina. According to data from Uruguayan regulator Ursec, at the end of 2016 Cablevisión remained as the market leader in the capital Montevideo with 23% of the total subscribers (about 66,350 customers).

Meanwhile, in Argentina, the company not only continues to intensify its efforts to expand Flow but also has recently launched an action through Fibertel, the Internet brand, to double the speed of broadband connection at no additional costs. About 500,000 customers have already adopted this benefit, said to AdLatina Cablevisión-Fibertel Marketing Manager, Alejandro Sobrino. According to the executive, this marketing action became “the most ambitious in recent years in the country.”