Brazil’s Algar Telecom to extend FTTH network to more cities

Brazilian telecommunications company Algar Telecom will deploy during this yeart its FTTH network in nine new cities within its concession area, where it will offer speeds of 200 mbps. In addition, Algar will extend the service in six other cities where it already operates.


The nine cities that will begin to receive the service are Batatais (Sao Paulo), Frutal (Minas Geirais), Guaíra (Sao Paulo), Itumbiara (Goiás), Ituverava (Sao Paulo), Jardinópolis (Sao Paulo), Orlândia (Sao Paulo), Paranaíba (Mato Grosso do Sul) y São Joaquim da Barra (Sao Paulo). The service will be offer in homes and businesses.


The other six cities where the company will extend the service are Divinópolis, Nova Serrana, Pará de Minas, Patos de Minas, Uberaba and Uberlândia, all in the State of Minas Gerais. Algar operates as Ilec in areas of states of Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, Goiás y Mato Grosso do Sul.