Brazil pushes down DirecTV subs losses in Latin America

DirecTV Latin America ended the third quarter of 2017 with 13.5 million subscribers. Third-quarter subscriber net losses were 132,000 driven by losses in Brazil, according to AT&T report.

SKY Brazil registered a subscriber base of 5.3 million, 230,000 less than in Q217.The PanAmericana division, which includes the operations of the rest of the countries of the region, added 98,000 net clients and closed the period with 8.2 million. AT&T also owns 41% of SKY Mexico but the results of this operator are reported by Televisa, which has not yet presented its balance sheet. In the annual comparison, the subscriber base of DirecTV Latin America grew 8.1%.

It must be taken into account, however, that effective January of 2017 DirecTV Latin America changed its methodology for counting prepaid video connections to align with other AT&T prepaid business practices. This change increased the total number of DirecTV Latin America video connections by 1.1 million in Q117.

According to Q317 report, DirecTV Latin America had revenues of USD 1,363 million (+0.15% in the quarter). SKY Brazil reported USD 716 million, the operation in Argentina USD 352 million and the rest of the countries USD 295 million.