Brazil keeps on leading the International ISDB-T Forum Brasil sigue liderando el Foro ISDB-T Internacional

Over the course of  4th Digital TV ISDB-T Forum, which gathers the twelve countries that adopted the international Japanese digital TV standard, and was held on the last days of March in Santiago de Chile, the Brazilian Roberto Franco, who had been in charge of the entity temporarily, was confirmed through a two years term.

ISDB-T International Forum was born in September, 2009, with the purpose of harmonizing and coordinating the implementation of ISDB-T standard in the region. At that moment, the other three South American countries (Argentina, Chile and Peru), which had chosen the standard modified by Brazil jointly with Japan, met in the Peruvian city of Lima. Such meeting concluded with the “Declaración de Lima”, by means of which those three countries committed themselves to developing the standard in addition to promoting the system among the other countries of the region which had not turned to it yet.

The second meeting was held in May, 2010, in Buenos Aires, and the third encounter was held in August, 2010, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where the Forum was institutionalized and Brazil was recognized leadership. In 2006 end, Brazil chose the Japanese DTT ISDB-T standard, which was added MPEG-4 video reading and Ginga’s open code middleware, thus providing the basis for the current ISDB-T to be implemented internationally.

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