“Brands want to advertise on TV like they do on Facebook and Google”

Prior to his participation in NexTV Series Mexico & Central America, Cyprien Grau, COO & Co-founder of Decidata, spoke in an interview with NexTV News Latam about the company’s solutions and new projects, and offered his vision on programmatic TV and the advertising market in the region.
Founded in 2016, Decidata is a Mexican technology startup for media and marketing that offers solutions for brands, agencies and broadcasters that allow campaigns to be targeted to specific segments, and to monitor and measure the impact on multiple screens. It has already received the suport of Wayra, the startup accelerator of the Telefónica Group.
The company’s catalog includes products such as “InSight”, a solution that monitors every advertisement being aired on TV or radio, and “TV Sync”, which automatically synchronizes digital campaigns with commercials being aired on TV.
In addition, Decidata offers a solution for monitoring TV and radio signals, the “Content Integrity Checker”, which audit the quality of broadcasts at a regional and national level. The analysis is done in FullHD at 30 frames per seconds and delivers proofs in real time and in Full HD. For this initiative, Grau explained that the goal is for this solution to become an industry standard.
The suite of products for operators and broadcasters – available in Mexico and 11 other countries in the region – also includes a digital tracker that works in Apps, web pages and OTTs, which allows measuring the audience in real time and, according to the manager, it works more accurately than the GRP (Gross Rating Points).
Additionally, the service called “Programmatic TV” allows to carry out targeted campaigns and to measure their impact. In this context, the company has recently signed an agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to integrate this solution into the AWS MediaTailor set of tools.
“We created the platform that allows the link between the client and the environment. Now Programmatic TV lives in Amazon Web Services, it connects to MediaTailor and this allows us to insert the commercials into the flow and, from our own platform, manage the campaigns and optimize them according to the clients’ objectives “. In this way, “we can make insertions in live TV, OTTs and set-top-boxes”.
The executive believes that television “is still the queen in terms of marketing budget” but “it has to be digitized” because “brands want to advertise on TV like they do on Facebook and Google”.
“Television is not dead but it has to sell its ads in the same way as in digital; and now it is possible to do this.” In this line, he said that the company’s solutions allow choosing when to invest, in addition to monitoring, measuring the audience in real time and analyzing the ROI on investment in TV.
When we launched in 2016 we met with about 400 executives and we identified the root of the problem, now we are going to give them the necessary tools to face Facebook or Google”, the executive concluded.