Avantel in Colombia launched TV Everywhere and VOD platform for its 4G LTE mobiles


Telephony company Avantel from Colombia launched for their mobile customers with postpaid 4G LTE technology plans its own new TV Everywhere (TVE) and Video On Demand (VOD) platform, Avantel+, informed local newspaper Portafolio. It will have a monthly credit of 20 Gb as an extra to its data plans with no additional cost for one year.


Avantel would have invested USD 1 million to deliver the contents of TVE and VOD services of DTH operator DirecTV, DTV Sports and DTV Play, and of Fox Play, the American programmer. It is important to note that, as confirmed by the company to NexTV News Latam, “Avantel does not provide as such the access to these mobile applications. To make use of these the customer must already have direct access by the operator.”


The President of the company, Jorge Andrés Palacio, said they will keep adding partnerships to increase content supply with music, social networks and video-call apps. The strategy aims to increase interest in data plans and 4G penetration, still lagging in Colombia compared to other Latin American countries.


“We want to break that trend and that paradigm and begin to transform the user experience on how they access content and how they interact with technology”, Palacios said. Avantel seeks their 4G data traffic to reach 60% within their clien base and to increase from 7 to 10% its LTE market share nationwide.