AT&T will buy Quickplay online video platform previous to the launch of DirecTV’s OTTs


US telecommunications company AT&T announced through an official statement it will buy cloud-based Quickplay platform before launching online TV services of DTH DirecTV in the United States.


The company announced in March that it would launch in the fourth quarter of 2016 three new television services over the internet. They will be independent of its mobile and broadband business of parent company AT&T as well as of DirecTV Satellite TV operations. None of the services will require annual contracts, antennas or set-top boxes (STB) but will only need a broadband connection of mobile or fixed choice.


OTT DirecTV Now will offer packages content with live signals and Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) programming plus premium extras. DirecTV Mobile will be a unique app for smart phones with a selection of premium and specific content for this medium. DirecTV Preview will be a free service oriented to young audiences for connected devices with built-in advertising.