Argentina’s Cablevisión revenue up 34% in 2017

Cablevisión Argentina revenue increased by 34% during 2017 to AR$ 40.9 billion (USD 2.0 billion), the company said in its Q417 and full year results. According to the company, this was due to growth subscribers in internet access segment, and the increased ARPU in Cable TV and Internet access segment.
In full year 2017, the Cable TV segment recorded revenues of AR$ 24.6 billion (USD 1.2 billion), up 31.1% compared to 2016. Internet revenues, on the other hand, increased by 67.1% to AR$ 12.9 billion (USD 631.3 million). The remaining AR$ 3.5 billion (USD 171.6 million) belong to the IDEN telephony and the Other category. The net income for 2017 was AR$ 5.9 billion (USD 289 million), an increase of 43.5% vs. 2016.
In the fourth quarter of 2017, the company reported net sales of AR$ 11.2 billion (USD 552 million) up 34% compared to the same period of 2016. The income for the period was AR$ 1.3 billion (USD 65.7 million).
At the end of Q417, Cablevisión had 3.92 million unique customers, of which 89.4% were cable TV subscribers and 59.6% were broadband customers.