Argentina issues new rule to simplify telecom service cancellations

The Government of Argentina has decided that pay TV, Internet, and fixed and mobile telephone companies must simplify their service cancellation processes, through a link in their websites.
This was determined by the Secretariat of Commerce through a resolution published in the Official Gazette. The new resolution will come into force on July 28. The initiative arose after the complaints received in Consumer Protection related to the cancellation of services.
Article 1 of the resolution establishes that the providers of the services must include on their website a link through which the consumer may request the withdrawal of the contracted service. Companies must then send an invoice or proof of cancellation.
The national director of Consumer Defense, Fernando Blanco Muiño, said in a press conference that this measure seeks to “simplify the process to the consumer, with the probative value of having completed the online process and follow it with a code that the company will give in less than 24 hours,” Infobae reported. In the last two years, that entity received 9,500 claims, of which 22% corresponded to the communications services category.