Antina projects 20% growth this year

Ariel Hernández, VP of Antina, the Argentine wireless pay TV operator through UHF, said during NexTV Series Argentina that the company projects a 20% growth this year.
“Last year we grew 25% and this year we plan to grow another 20%, that is what focuses our energy,” said the executive in an interview with NexTV News Latam.
Currently, Antina has several projects underway. On the one hand, they are testing the Internet service on a small subscriber base. “We started a test in an unlicensed band to see if we are culturally prepared to add a service to our portfolio,” explained Hernández. “We are still analyzing it,” he added.
On the other hand, the company improved its OTT service, in partnership with Toolbox, with the aim of “expanding the customer base that uses it, which is still low due to a lack of connectivity and habit of use”. The platform currently includes the “Play” services of the TV networks and could eventually offer other content. “Because our technology has a limitation in terms of the amount of channels I can offer, the idea is to use the Play platform to offer some niche content that I will not have in linear TV to not occupy spectrum.”
The operator also began to install new decoders with HEVC technology (MPEG-5). “We first migrated from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 and now these are MPEG-5, we are not changing the entire set-top box base, but it allows us in the future, when we have more penetration in our own base, to send certain contents in MPEG 5 and we could even develop some contents in 4K.”