Anatel opens CATV way for brazilian phone companies Anatel abre camino de CATV a las telefónicas en Brasil

IPTV perspectives seem to be increasingly lower in Brazil. While Telefónica and Oi-Brazil Telecom are focusing on their new DTH platforms, the regulating agency Anatel wants to eliminate as many obstacles as possible so that both operators, who own related CATV companies (TVA y Way TV, respectively), should be able to strengthen their presence in the next local cable TV license bid during the next year and therefore, more competition would be produced in a market dominated by Net.

Although cable TV law bans telephone companies from participating, Article 15 of the regulation opens gaps that allow the acquisition of licenses in cities where there is no interest from other companies. Based on such article, Anatel allowed Oi the acquisition and transference of Way TV license.

Another restriction for the participation of telephone incumbent companies in CATV’s bid is given by the fixed competitors limit per locality. Anatel wants to eliminate such limit of five competitors. This change will surely produce the current operators’ reaction, based on the argument that they got their licenses under certain conditions and now rules are being changed. The debate will start at the beginning of February when Anatel Board meets after the vacations recess.

Las perspectivas para IPTV parecen cada vez menores en Brasil. Mientras Telefónica y Oi-Brasil Telecom enfocan su artillería a sus nuevas plataformas de DTH, el ente regulador Anatel quiere eliminar la mayor cantidad de obstáculos para que ambas operadoras, que tienen compañías de CATV vinculadas (TVA y Way TV, respectivamente) puedan reforzar su presencia en el próximo concurso de licencias locales para TV por cable que se realizará durante este año para que haya más competencia en ese mercado dominado por Net.

Aunque la Ley de TV por Cable prohíbe la participación de las empresas de telefonia, el artículo 15