Analog TV users will have channels with same number on DTT

Peruvian Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MTC) proposed to make some modifications to the Master Plan for the Implementation of Digital Terrestrial Television in the country.
The ministry specifically proposes to make changes in articles 3, 9 and 15, “with the objective that the process be carried out in an orderly manner, with absolute transparency and predictability for broadcasters and users,” according to a statement.
According to the recommendations, the DTT channel to be used must have the number that the one designated to transmit on analog TV. In addition, the proposal states that broadcasters with approved migrations and operating in a different channel than the analog system, will have 30 working days to report the situation to the General Directorate of Telecommunications Authorizations.
In this way, the government seeks that the user will not be affected in the search and choice of the programming they want to see.