AMC to launch streaming service in Spain

AMC Networks Iberia is reportedly preparing a new streaming service, called Selekt, for the Spanish market, which will include live channels and VOD content from its portfolio.

The service will be offered in partnership with the main pay TV operators, since the goal is to offer a complementary option. According to a video leaked on YouTube, Selekt will include “best TV channels and thousands of programs on demand” for € 6.99 (USD 8.3).

According to newspaper El Español, the new platform will include more than 1,000 hours of content in VOD and linear streaming of 17 channels of its portfolio. The material will be available in HD and 4K.

In the United States, the company offers its AMC Premiere service, which includes shows like “Better Call Saul” and “The Walking Dead” for USD 5 per month. Meanwhile, in Latin America, where the company also has a strong presence, AMC does not yet offer this type of platform.