AMC Networks incorporates digital watermarks to trace piracy leaks


US programmer AMC Networks adopted a new technology that incorporates digital watermarks on copies of their original shows in order to trace where do the leaks of their content, that feed online video piracy, is produced, reported local magazine Variety.


The NexGuard system, developed by technology company Civolution, does not prevent by itself the spread of series to online piracy platforms but will allow identifying where within the distribution chain are the contents uploaded.


The company suspects that this will help prevent leaks from happening during handling between international distributors and the subcontractors that perform post-production (such as voiceovers and subtitling) work, being possible to identify the link in the chain responsible.


“It is paramount for us to protect our assets when they are at their most valuable,” expressed AMC’s Chief Technology Officer, Steve Pontillo, in a statement quoted by Variety. “This enhanced content security is a powerful deterrent against piracy and protects our revenue and that of our distribution partners.”