AMC Networks audience up 31% in Q117

AMC Networks International – Latin America (AMCNI – Latin America) announced that during the firt quarter of 2017 its channel portfolio has increased its pan-regional audience by 31% on a yearly basis, in prime time slot, among viewers aged 18-49, according to data provided  by Kantar Ibope Media.

The company said that AMC channel’s audience ratings grew 45% year-on-year in prime time slot, with significant increases in key markets such as Argentina (+78) and Mexico (+77). Even in Brazil, where the reach of the channel is more limited, AMC grew by 22% in audience.

At the end of Q117, El Gourmet recorded a 57% growth year-on-year, in prime time, among its target audience of women aged 25-49, far exceeding the 2% growth recorded in this segment by all the pay TV industry. In Mexico, the channel grew by 231% among its target of women aged 25-49.

Más Chic ended the first quarter of 2017 with an increase in its target audience (Women aged 25-49) in markets such as Mexico (+158%), Central America (+32%), Peru (+ 20%) and Chile (+9%). Meanwhile, in Mexico, Film & Arts grew 107% in the Total Individual segment and 141% in Total Day among its target audience of adults over 35 years old. In turn, Europa Europa increased its audience ratings in Argentina by 33%, in prime time, among its target audience of Adults +35.