Aldea transmits live coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in HD and 4K

Aldea, a provider of high quality video services and solutions for the television and media industries, announce that is has successfully delivered live transmissions of the 2018 FIFA World Cup to 14 customers around the world, including countries like Argentina, Mexico, Brazil and Uruguay.
The customers distributed all 64 games in HD and UHD/4K to their respective subscribers. For the first time at a World Cup, Aldea transmitted live content in UHD to numerous customers. To ensure its clients receive a truly exceptional UHD/4K experience, Aldea said it secured the most robust fiber routes from Russia with the necessary redundancy and diversity guaranteeing high reliability, security and minimal latency. Aldea also deployed the most advanced video encoding technologies available in the market for this undertaking.
For this event, Aldea implemented over 100 video and data services in 4 different continents using its network and temporary provisioned fiber infrastructure. Throughout the championship over 5,600 hours of live video content was transmitted to its different customers.